After a building or structure is scanned and a 3D point cloud is developed, Truescan3D often creates highly accurate as-built floor plans and 3D drawings for clients to use for their projects. Models created by Truescan3D represent real-world conditions and can be used to accurately plan a project. The benefits are numerous:

  • Accurate measurements that can be referred to again and again
  • Informed decisions based on real-world conditions
  • Reduced error, change orders and waste

What is the advantage of a Revit model over existing plans?

The models provide detailed information about existing utility networks and systems, surpassing outdated and potentially inaccurate 2-dimensional plans. Having a model generated for BIM enables design teams to use a singular accurate model of the existing conditions to design from and quickly pays for itself by reducing change orders and schedule interruptions.

Our experienced staff is able to deliver either the point cloud data needed for you to develop or update an existing Revit model in-house, or we can construct a finished Revit model, depending on your specific needs and comfort levels with regard to working with the data.

Although we often work in Revit, Truescan3D is able to deliver data in a variety of different formats to ensure it is easily accessible to you.