3D Modeling

TrueScan delivers high quality 3D models from data collected in a variety of formats.  Our expert team of modelers create fully formed Revit models from real world data collected through various means of reality capture.  Some common formats we derive our models from include point clouds from 3D laser scanning, UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and data contained in existing Building Information Models (BIM).  We can also create Revit models from existing as-built drawings or even field measurements.

The result is an accurate real-world model that can help you make fully informed decisions.  The models we create serve as a snapshot of the true field conditions at a given point in time.  They provide detailed information about existing utility networks and systems, surpassing outdated and potentially inaccurate 2-dimensional plans.  Having a Revit model generated for their project enables design teams to use a singular accurate model of the existing conditions to design from and quickly pays for itself by reducing change orders and schedule interruptions.

Our experienced modeling staff can deliver the point cloud data needed for you to develop or update an existing Revit model; or we can construct a finished Revit model for you.  This can be quite useful when your team is not comfortable constructing the model or your staff simply doesn’t have the time or specific expertise to model in house.

Although we often work in Revit, TrueScan is able to deliver data in a variety of different formats to ensure easy accessibility for you and your team.

3D model of Washington University Medical Center in St Louis Missouri

What is the advantage of a Revit model over existing plans?

The 3D Models produced by TrueScan closely represent actual real world conditions.  For example, if a column was placed in the wrong spot or if a contractor placed utilities in the wrong location, the conflict would be clearly identified in the model.  Our models help you plan based on the actual building conditions rather than the building that what was approved to be built.