Industrial Laser Scanning

Using the latest 3D laser scanning technology, Truescan3D creates accurate point clouds and 3D models (CAD or BIM) of industrial facilities to use in planning and design before any renovations or changes to the facility are performed, allowing facility managers to analyze the space, ensure the accuracy of prefabricated materials, and craft a better defined schedule. Truescan3D uses the newest tools available to create as-built floor plans and 3D models that typically exceed the accuracies required in most facilities in much less time.


Minimize Shut-Down Times

The biggest benefit to industrial facilities is that unlike traditional measurements taken by hand, 3D laser scanning is non-intrusive and typically doesn’t impose an interruption to regular facility operations – saving thousands or even millions of dollars. Truescan3D’s highly trained and experienced team often works around machinery and employees, completing work much faster than traditional methods.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Many processing plants have considerable amount of highly reflective piping, HVAC, and other MEP systems that are often a challenge for laser scanning service providers to document.  These surfaces cause ‘spray’ or ‘noise’ in the scan which translates into cleanup time in the office and an extra expense that compounds on large industrial projects.  Truescan3D owns and operates the latest equipment which virtually eliminates this extra expense that is intrinsic to most terrestrial laser scanning operations.

Major Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning for Industrial Plants

  • Eliminate change orders due to poor documentation of existing conditions.
  • Capture all site conditions at once, eliminating the need for return visits.
  • Ensure accuracy of prefabricated materials by capturing measurements with unparalleled accuracy.
  • Optimize design and construction schedule by knowing the specific of your space before the project begins.
  • Reduce wasted materials caused by incorrect measurements.

Recent Industrial Projects