3D Point Clouds

The first step after conducting a 3D laser scan in the field is the development of a 3D point cloud. The point cloud is comprised of millions, often billions, of data points that make up a highly accurate and detail rich data set for a building.

On most projects, TrueScan delivers 3D point clouds directly to the client to use taking accurate measurements of the space scanned, or to use as a basis for generating their own Revit model.  This is usually delivered in either an Autodesk ReCap format (RCS\RCP) or a Leica Cloudworx format (IMP).

Unlike hand measurements, 3D point clouds are complete digital records of a space and can be referenced time and time again.  A day of scanning in the field can acquire an infinite amount of data beyond conventional methods.  The need for repeat trips to the field is virtually eliminated by using laser scanning and creating 3D point clouds.

Oftentimes, TrueScan uses the information collected in the point cloud as the basis of a 2D or 3D model to deliver to the client.