3D Laser Scanning

TrueScan’s primary service is terrestrial laser scanning, sometimes called ‘lidar scanning’ or ‘high definition scanning’. Using the most advanced 3D laser scanners available, our experienced staff is able to capture millions of points of data about a building, mechanical equipment or our environment using LiDAR laser light technology. Those data points allow for highly accurate
representations of the scan subject, allowing clients to know the exact dimensions and details of a space. Depending on the needs of the client, that data is either delivered as a point cloud, 2D floor plan, 3D drawing or a 3D model generated for BIM.  Each project is customized specifically for the client and our staff is focused on ensuring the data you receive is accurate and easy to work with.

Using terrestrial laser scanning, TrueScan focuses on scanning industrial facilities, mechanical spaces, sports and entertainment venues, construction sites, architectural and structural elements and historic buildings.

There are several huge benefits to using lidar scanning over traditional measurement methods including:

  • Speed – Terrestrial laser scanning is faster than traditional methods by several orders of magnitude.
  • Accuracy – Each measurement from the scanner is accurate to within 1-2 millimeters.
  • Detail – Each scan captures millions of real-world data points.
  • Safety – Scans are non-intrusive and can be captured from safe vantage points.

The end result is highly accurate data that can be used for design, documentation and quality control and can be used over and over as new challenges arise on a project.