Truescan3D recently purchased a DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter Aircraft to better serve its 3D laser scanning clients.

Truescan3D has used a drone (also known as an unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV) in the past, including at the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal, to capture details from an aerial perspective that cannot be captured with a terrestrial scanner. For instance, by flying a drone over the top of Union Terminal, Truescan3D was able to capture details about the large half-dome on top that would have been unsafe to capture by other means.

Rooftops in particular are often not safely accessible and a drone can help capture information.

Unlike a terrestrial scanner, drones capture information by first capturing images and then blending the pictures with data captured through a terrestrial scanner to provide a detailed point cloud to clients. Even through the use of photogrammetry, the point clouds created based on the images are accurate within 2 inches and typically sufficient to meet the specifications of the project.

Truescan3D also offers modeling services, helping companies turn the data captured by point clouds into highly accurate models of their buildings.

Since purchasing its own drone, Truescan3D has been evaluating the performance of the drone and testing software to determine the best use and applications. By owning its own drone, the cost of use will be reduced for Truescan3D clients and the technology will be more available to clients who may not have anticipated the need. Truescan3D anticipates making drone services available to clients later this year.

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