Truescan3D recently became one of the first 3D laser scanning service providers to begin using Leica’s TruView Global, greatly improving our clients’ ability to access and use their data.

Truescan3D  has been using Leica TruView for many years, allowing clients to view data in a real-world perspective. However, that data has often been difficult to access because it required downloading extremely large files and having sufficient processing and storage capabilities to handle them. For many clients that required coordinating with their IT departments or overcoming other challenges to view the cumbersome files.

With the upgrade to TruView Global, Truescan3D hosts our clients data in the cloud, eliminating the need to download a single file before utilizing TruView Global. With just a few clicks, clients are able to view a point cloud depicting their project perform measurements and share information.

Additionally, since the information is hosted in the cloud, TruView Global is easily accessible from a mobile device or tablet, making it possible for clients to gain access to crucial information from the field or from home. Team members can make a “virtual visit” to the project site anytime from anywhere.

TruView Global also allows our clients to share access to the data across the design team.  Individual team members can make notes,  verify distance measurements and easily integrate the data into their process. Since the software is easy to use, it also makes it possible to share data with team members who don’t have an in-depth CAD or 3D point cloud background.

All of the information stored on TruView Global is password protected and completely private.

In order to make the service available to its clients, Truescan3D worked directly with Leica Geosystems on the new application, making requests and incorporating specific features. The result is a program that works with our clients needs in mind.

TruView Global is made accessible to Truescan3D’s clients through our website www. A TruView file is provided with virtually every Truescan3D project. Potential clients can view sample data and test drive TruView Global by visiting www. .

View sample TruView

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