TrueScan Expands UAV Capabilities

News | November 10, 2017

The TrueScan team is continuing to expand our Unmanned Aerial Vehicle capabilities. After purchasing our first drone in 2016, the team at TrueScan has continued to expand our UAV service offerings in 2017 through the purchase of a new “state of the art” UAV, adding multiple pilots certified to work on commercial projects along with expanding our software and technology options.

Having qualified pilots to fly on any project is an obvious need for any UAV program. Being certified through the FAA to fly a drone on a commercial project is a requirement. With the rapidly expanding role of drones in seemingly every facet of our lives, the FAA is the governing body that establishes rules and regulations for drone / UAV use. One critical requirement to operate a drone on any commercial project is to have a Remote Pilot Certification through the FAA. To obtain this certification the user must complete standards that include understanding rules and requirements for flight and pass a test for certification. TrueScan has expanded to three employees holding the Remote Pilot Certification, providing the ability to ensure we can properly serve their clients.

The TrueScan group also prides itself on providing our clients with the best technology available, so we have purchased a new drone to better serve our clients. The recent purchase was the DJI Matrice 210 drone. The Matrice 210 is a waterproof, industrial-grade UAV that can fly in all types of weather conditions, giving TrueScan the ability to use it on projects virtually anywhere. It also offers several upgrades over the existing drone including:

  • A higher resolution camera, allowing better quality images from longer distances
  • Camera with an increased range of motion, allowing for more precise photos
  • It has a dual downward gimbal which allows for two cameras at once to be used
  • Allows for longer flight times and more precise flight patterns
  • Allows the option for thermal imaging

TrueScan is using the new UAV for projects such as building façade inspections, ADA accessibility studies, aerial photography, and creating 3D meshes from aerial imagery. TrueScan is also exploring possibilities for using the new drone to complement traditional surveying & mapping services. Look for exciting new things to come from our UAV program over the next several months!

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