Food Service & Restaurant 3D Laser Scanning and Modeling


Food service centers and restaurants vary in size and accessibility, but one thing is consistently necessary among them all: pinpoint accuracy in measurements. Whether you are completely reworking a distribution system in your industrial food service center or focusing on an internal remodel in your restaurant, TrueScan can help. Our advanced, state-of-the-art 3D laser scanning technology is precise to 1/4 of an inch, exponentially faster than traditional surveying methods, and able to reach and measure areas normally inaccessible by standard methods. We are able to provide you with the precise data you need to design properly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Once our experienced surveyors have scanned your space, our veteran 3D modeling team will bring you a real-time, comprehensive view of your space. We start with an intricate Point Cloud that brings the millions of laser scan points together to form a discernible and measurable photo. With this Point Cloud, we meticulously create your detailed model, allowing you and your team to experience every inch and angle of your project no matter where you are. The 3D models detail as-built conditions, keeping you and your team from being forced to use outdated or inaccurate plans. With every project, TrueScan makes sure you see any possible misalignments before they ever occur. Our food service & restaurant 3D laser scanning toolkit brings you the best possible data so you can know more, risk less, and build better every time.


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Benefits for Food Service & Restaurants:

  • Get Accurate Information Quickly.

    Laser scanning is exponentially quicker than hand measuring and can reduce project schedules.

  • See the Whole Picture.

    Because of its precision and accuracy, laser scanning and 3D modeling can reveal all elements and potential misalignments in food service projects.

  • Eliminate Change Orders and Ensure Accuracy of Prefabricated Materials.

    Food service and restaurant laser scanning and as-built modeling for BIM and Revit are far more accurate than traditional measurement methods. With TrueScan’s help, you don’t have to worry about delays and costs caused by a missed or inaccurate measurement.

  • Answer Unanticipated Questions.

    With 3D laser scanning, you won’t have to worry about missing precious and important details. Chances are, the in-depth scan picked it up.

Having a model helped me to visualize a simple revision to the design that ended up saving a full 10 months out of the construction schedule. I am positive that I simply would have not noticed this potential if it weren’t for having the accurate scanned information at my disposal.
Paul Schmidt
Senior Project Manager
Messer Construction

Laser Scanning Provides Immense Value:

  • Quick and efficient documentation of what really exists
  • Discover unknowns
  • Simplify complex environments
  • Reduce change orders
  • Manage project risk
  • Reduce project delays
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