Food Processing Plant

Joplin, MO

One of the great values of 3D laser scanning is the ability to capture data and measurements for complex or traditional inaccessible areas. TrueScan provided this value to the architect and MEP engineers on a food processing plant project in Joplin, Missouri. The client was designing the renovation of existing processing lines for food production. Unfortunately, a lack of current drawings and an extensive web of piping and machinery made verifying the existing conditions nearly impossible. As a result, the client turned to TrueScan for assistance.

TrueScan’s team performed ~250 detailed scan setups on-site and scanned approximately 100,000sqft of interior manufacturing space and exterior conditions. This information allowed the TrueScan team to create a comprehensive Revit model of the existing space. The Revit model was then delivered to the architects and MEP engineers and used as the base drawing and outline for the new designs of the project.

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