DaveCox Late last year, Dave Cox, PS became one of the first professionals in the nation to pass the USIBD Level of Accuracy (LOA) test to accredit professionals in the use of LOA V.2 at the USIBD 2016 Symposium.

Since the beginning, the U.S. Institute of Building Documentation (USIBD) has been focused on establishing standards, guidelines and best practices for the building documentation industry.

One of the biggest accomplishments of the group has been the implementation of level of accuracy specifications, first adopted in 2014 and later revised in 2016.

The standards, created through establishing common ground between different interested parties — such as engineers, architects and building contractors, create a common set of accuracy standards for the emerging industry to measure against.

By passing the test, the USIBD has certified that Dave understands both the guidelines and applications of the Level of Accuracy standards.

For Truescan3D clients, the new certification means they can be confident that Truescan3D both understands and is delivering a final product that meets or exceeds the most recent industry standards. This is particularly important in the emerging 3D laser scanning industry, because up until this point the industry has had an extremely low bar for entry, meaning the professionalism often varied widely between companies offering services.

The new certification is yet another indicator to potential clients that Truescan3D is leading the 3D laser scanning industry in terms of both professionalism and accuracy.

Truescan3D has been part of USIBD since 2012, soon after the group began.

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