Drone Services for Scanning and Modeling


Advantages of Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones) on A Design and Construction Project:

  • Provides a cost-effective snapshot of the project as it actually exists
  • Latest and most accurate data
  • Capture details of the project you wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach
  • Increase safety by keeping people out of dangerous working conditions
  • Reduce the need to enter high traffic areas
  • Survey and capture much larger areas in a shorter time

Using drones in combination with laser scanning and modeling, TrueScan is able to capture data that could never be recorded by field personnel.

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How Does Drone Scanning and Photogrammetry Work?
With TrueScan's FAA-certified drone pilots, drone scanning and photogrammetry have never been easier. Our team can help you acquire the data you need in a timely, safe, and cost-effective manner. To provide this data, a professional drone scans and captures thousands of high-resolution, data-driven photos of a space, regardless of size. These images overlap, connecting the data and visuals, and allow design professionals to view a space in a variety of different vantage points. The images then are pulled together by a skilled TrueScan technician to create a detailed and precise 3D map of the client's construction or design space. A design professional can use these 3D models and maps to measure any area of the space you can visualize. The measurements are incredibly accurate and can put the designer directly into the space without needing to be there physically.
Our veteran team will help you figure out the best plan for your project.
Use drone photogrammetry to visualize large or hard-to-reach areas.
Acquire accurate and precise data to build detailed 3D models.
The realistic imagery and strong data provide effective resources with which to build.

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With a team of professional surveyors, 3D modeling veterans, and USIBD certified professionals, TrueScan provides drone scanning and photogrammetry services that help you document your building or structure efficiently and accurately. From small, awkward buildings to sprawling campuses, drone services and photogrammetry often make laser scanning quicker and allow team members to reach building areas that aren’t traditionally available. Once we’ve created a point cloud based on the data we’ve collected, we’ll help you every step of the way, making sure you know exactly what to do with the information we’ve provided. TrueScan is here to make sure you have confidence in every decision.

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