See Hidden Areas With Aerial Drone Surveying & Photogrammetry

Designing based on outdated building plans and field measurements always has its challenges, but add in areas that you can’t see – like dangerous roof lines – and it becomes impossible. Whether it’s surveying a dome-shaped roof, an incredibly tall building, or a sprawling campus, adding drone services, mapping, and photogrammetry can provide a more complete view of your project. 

TrueScan’s team includes multiple UAV Certified Remote Pilots through FAA Part 107 with extensive experience in drone surveying of construction and building projects with commercial drones. These pilots utilize advanced drones to make sure TrueScan’s clients have every bit of information they need, regardless of capture difficulty.

Crosley Tower's Aerial Drone Surveying

Your Project’s Journey from Scan to Reality

Average Price


Prices vary based on many factors, read more about the factors that go into the price of your drone scanning service or get a quote today.

Average Timeline

2 – 6 weeks

With more precise details on the needs of your project, we can nail down an expected price and timeline for your construction project.


At the completion of this service, you’ll receive a comprehensive drone-captured map of existing conditions that capture areas you might not be able to safely access otherwise.


  • Provides a cost-effective snapshot of the project as it actually exist
  • Latest and most accurate data
  • Capture details of the project you wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach
  • Increase safety by keeping people out of dangerous working conditions
  • Reduce the need to enter high traffic areas
  • Survey and capture much larger areas in a shorter time

Our Specialty:
Building Documentation

An aerial view of a revit model of a building with a tennis court An aerial view of a model of a building with blue and yellow coloring A rendering of a house with a balcony An aerial view of a house with a tennis court A rendering of a building with a pool in front of it

Not Our Specialty


Small Objects


Reverse Engineering





Ensure You’re Getting the Complete Picture

With TrueScan’s FAA-certified drone pilots, aerial drone surveying and photogrammetry have never been easier. Our team can help you acquire the data you need in a timely, safe, and cost-effective manner.

To provide this data, a professional drone scans and captures thousands of high-resolution, data-driven photos of a space, regardless of size. These images overlap, connecting the data and visuals, and allow design professionals to view a space in a variety of different vantage points.

The images then are pulled together by a skilled TrueScan technician to create a detailed and precise 3D point cloud of the client’s construction or design space. A design professional can use these 3D models and maps to measure any area of the space you can visualize. The measurements are incredibly accurate and can put the designer directly into the space without needing to be there physically.

What We Need From You

Let’s kickstart your project’s full potential with our top-notch scanning services. Share the key details below, and together, we’ll turn your vision into a reality!

  • Where is the project located? Can you give us a street address?
  • Do you have photos or floor plans?
  • Is the scan data for planning a renovation?
  • Do you need color scanning?
  • Do you need exterior or rooftop scanning?
  • Are there any above ceiling spaces that need scanning?
  • Are there special access considerations – badging, escorts, off-hours work?
  • Would you like a price to develop a BIM model?
    • If so, which building elements are required?
  • How soon do you need a proposal?
  • How soon do you need the work performed?

TrueScan Leadership

Considering our services? Our leadership team can provide you with answers to all of your questions. Connect with us today!

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