Get Existing Conditions With 3D Laser Scanning Reality Capture

With a team of professional surveyors and USIBD certified professionals, TrueScan provides 3D laser scanning services that help you document your room, building, or structure efficiently and accurately.

We proudly cover all regions of the United States – serving cities like Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Washington D.C. and many more – by delivering existing conditions straight to your desk.

Instead of working with outdated building plans or field measurements, with 3D blueprints CAD drawings all of your designs are based on true-to-life measurements and existing conditions.

3D Laser Scanning of Seagate Beach Resort

Your Project’s Journey from 3D Scanner to Reality

Average Price


Prices vary based on many factors, read more about the factors that go into the price of your laser scanning service or get a quote today.

Average Timeline

2 – 6 weeks

With more precise details on the needs of your project, we can nail down an expected price and timeline.


At the completion of this service, you’ll receive a full digital map of your building that you can explore inside and out. Based on your company’s needs, we can either turn your scan into a fully comprehensive digital model or turn a complete point cloud over to you.


  • Fast & Reliable
  • Discover Unknowns
  • Reduce Change Orders
  • Accelerate Your Project

Our Specialty:
Building Documentation

An aerial view of a revit model of a building with a tennis court An aerial view of a model of a building with blue and yellow coloring A rendering of a house with a balcony An aerial view of a house with a tennis court A rendering of a building with a pool in front of it

Not Our Specialty


Small Objects


Reverse Engineering





3d Laser Scanning Services: Our Process Step-by-Step

When our technicians arrive on-site, the process begins with laser scanning, capturing millions of measurements every second, and documenting every spec of your construction project into a digital point cloud that you can explore inside and out. Then, based on your project needs, we can either turn your scan into a fully comprehensive digital model or turn over a complete point cloud to you. Either way, you see the good side of your project, and, most likely, the bad side too.

The benefit of seeing all sides of your building project is knowing what you’re up against and having the extra details needed to succeed. In order to do what you do best, you need the best information available. Misalignments and miscalculations can throw even the simplest of projects off-kilter. Providing you with consistent, precise, and accurate data is what we do best to make sure your dream project is realized.

We’ll train you on how to use the information we provide and will often do on-site visits to make sure you are happy. We’ve completed hundreds of projects, including many that are large and complex. But, we work with small companies too and will work with you to provide you exactly what you need to keep costs reasonable.

What We Need From You

Let’s kickstart your building project’s full potential with our top-notch scanning services. Share the key details below, and together, we’ll turn your vision into a reality!

  • Where is the project located? Can you give us a street address?
  • Do you have photos or floor plans?
  • Is the scan data for planning a renovation?
  • Do you need color scanning?
  • Do you need exterior or rooftop scanning?
  • Are there any above ceiling spaces that need scanning?
  • Are there special access considerations – badging, escorts, off-hours work?
  • Would you like a price to develop a BIM model?
    • If so, which building elements are required?
  • How soon do you need a proposal?
  • How soon do you need the work performed?

TrueScan Leadership

Considering our Services? Our leadership learn can provide you with answers to all of your questions. Connect to us today!

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