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As experienced surveyors, engineers, and modelers with decades of working in geospatial and measurement sciences, we understand the immeasurable importance floor flatness and levelness have on a building project. One misalignment or problem with a flooring could throw off an entire project, in turn causing production delays, future revenue loss, or other building problems. Simply knowing this vital information about a space can have an immense effect on a project moving forward in a more timely and cost-effective manner.

Floor Flatness & Levelness Heat Map for Louisville Public Library

Your Project’s Journey from Scan to Reality

Average Price


Prices vary based on many factors, read more about the factors that go into the price of your scanning service or get a quote today.

Average Timeline

2 – 6 weeks

With more precise details on the needs of your project, we can nail down an expected price and timeline.


Heat Map – We provide you with a precise yet easy-to-understand heat map that shows the change in flatness across the entire space.

Contour Map – TrueScan can share a detailed contour map showing the various elevation changes across the flooring.

Cut & Fill Analysis – Coupled with the heat and contour maps, TrueScan can provide an all-encompassing cut & fill analysis that allows team members to see what areas need cut or filled to present complete flatness and optimal level.


  • Save time & money
  • Avoid change orders
  • Reduce miscalculations
  • Prevent production errors

Our Specialty:
Building Documentation

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Not Our Specialty

Small Objects
Reverse Engineering

Prevent Time, Revenue, and Client Confidence Loss.

As the economy of the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry has shifted and fluctuated in recent years, TrueScan understands that production and materials costs are rising. As costs rise, the industry becomes more competitive, forcing contractors and AEC professionals to make sure they have the utmost confidence in their data and project plans to keep budgets and profit thresholds in the best possible spot. 

One of the key elements of keeping costs low and profits high on a project is understanding a space’s floor flatness and levelness. A detailed scan and report from TrueScan can give you and your team essential information such as flatness change, elevation analysis, and cut & fill data. TrueScan provides the data and tools you need to understand and work within your space – from the ground up.

What We Need From You

Let’s kickstart your project’s full potential with our top-notch scanning services. Share the key details below, and together, we’ll turn your vision into a reality!

  • Where is the project located? Can you give us a street address?
  • Do you have photos or floor plans?
  • Is the scan data for planning a renovation?
  • Do you need color scanning?
  • Do you need exterior or rooftop scanning?
  • Are there any above ceiling spaces that need scanning?
  • Are there special access considerations – badging, escorts, off-hours work?
  • Would you like a price to develop a Revit model?
    • If so, which building elements are required?
  • How soon do you need a proposal?
  • How soon do you need the work performed?

TrueScan Leadership

Considering our services? Our leadership team can provide you with answers to all of your questions. Connect with us today!

CEO, President

Brendan Welsh, PE, PS

Vice President, Existing Conditions

Jared White

Vice President, Acquisitions

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