Scan to BIM is Based on Reality, Not Assumptions

A pristine 3D model of your construction project allows you to see every inch of your space without having to be physically in the area. Architects and engineers can utilize or scan to BIM services to collaborate with team members no matter their location without fear of incorrect measurements, losing data, or experiencing team disconnect.

3D modeling services (sometimes called BIM services) eliminate these hurdles, allowing design professionals like you to minimize risk, save time and realize dream projects.

We proudly cover all regions of the United States – serving cities like Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Washington D.C. and many more – by delivering existing conditions straight to your desk.

Revit Model of Seagate Beach Resort

Your Project’s Journey from Scan to BIM

Average Price


Prices vary based on many factors, read more about the factors that go into the price of your scanning service or get a quote today.

Average Timeline

2 – 6 weeks

With more precise details on the needs of your project, we can nail down an expected price and timeline.


You’ll receive a highly-accurate model of your building or construction project. Through this 3D model, virtually any point or area in the building can be measured and reviewed. The measurements pulled from the scans allow you and your team to see how your project area stands in real-time.


  • Discover unknowns
  • Reduce change orders
  • Maintain project schedules
  • Simplify complex environments
  • Manage project risk

Our Specialty:
Building Documentation

seagate with plan truescan-3d-seagate-revit (1)

Not Our Specialty

Small Objects
Reverse Engineering

Revit Models Push Your Project Into the Next Generation

TrueScan starts every model with 3D scanning or a point cloud you provide. While other 3D modeling companies may start with measurements taken from a tape measure, TrueScan always starts with 3D scanning. 

The result is a highly accurate model, versus a model that may contain inaccuracies before design even begins. Being a veteran BIM firm, TrueScan includes flexible and versatile modeling technicians that are able to easily tackle even the most complex jobs.

While we offer 3D scanning services and are happy to scan your building, we’ll also work with your existing point cloud if you already have one. Our BIM services take your point cloud and turn it into a precise and accurate 3D model. 

Need some training on how to use the model you’ve just received? We can help with that too. Need your model in software other than Revit? We can also provide Catia, Tekla, Rhino, or other modeling services if you prefer. TrueScan’s team does what it takes to make sure you and your team can design and build in the most efficient way possible.

What We Need From You

Let’s kickstart your project’s full potential with our top-notch scanning services. Share the key details below, and together, we’ll turn your vision into a reality!

  • Where is the project located? Can you give us a street address?
  • Do you have photos or floor plans?
  • Is the scan data for planning a renovation?
  • Do you need color scanning?
  • Do you need exterior or rooftop scanning?
  • Are there any above ceiling spaces that need scanning?
  • Are there special access considerations – badging, escorts, off-hours work?
  • Would you like a price to develop a Revit model?
    • If so, which building elements are required?
  • How soon do you need a proposal?
  • How soon do you need the work performed?

TrueScan Leadership

Considering our services? Our leadership team can provide you with answers to all of your questions. Connect with us today!

CEO, President

Brendan Welsh, PE, PS

Vice President, Existing Conditions

Jared White

Vice President, Acquisitions

Brandon French

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