What We Do:

Our Services and Deliverables

Our background as geomatics professional means we have a comprehensive understanding of spatial data and its applications. From point cloud data capture for as-built mapping and verification to modeling intelligent BIM objects, our wide range of technical services can improve the efficiency and accuracy of your data, increasing revenue and minimizing liability.

3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser scanning uses laser light technology to capture millions of real-world data points for a building or object within seconds. 3D scanning is non-intrusive and faster and more accurate than traditional measurements.

3D Point Clouds

Once captured, our 3D point clouds are a complete digital record of a project space, that can be referenced  on demand, time and time again, to answer new questions about project measurements.

2D and 3D CAD

Truescan3D uses the latest software available to create highly accurate as-built floor plans and 3D drawings. Truescan3D can also help facility managers create models from existing data.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

After a building is scanned, Truescan3D can create models in Revit and deliver the model for direct import into your BIM software. The models provide detailed information about existing utility networks and systems, far surpassing outdated and inaccurate 2-dimensional plans.

Fly-Through Videos

Truescan3D produces “fly-through” animations of 3D point clouds which, in addition to being an interesting way to experience a point cloud data set, can also help provide a sense of space for non-technical observers who would otherwise not have access to the 3D point clouds.


Leica TruView makes it easy for anyone in your project eco-system to access, view, analyze, and even create markups and collaborate using 3D point clouds. TruView provides a quick and simple way for you to review scan data without having to import into a CAD system.