3D Modeling from Large Robust Projects to The Small and Complex

Managing data in large projects is always a challenge. The size of files, network storage issues, and computer processing power all affect how this data is managed within 3D modeling.  On larger, more robust projects, TrueScan is capable of segmenting point cloud data into separate point clouds. Broken down, a project might become 6-7 or more separate point cloud models for clients who might be looking to share specific information vs. all of the point cloud information.

Construction site laser scanning and modeling - Great American Ballpark

Complex Point Cloud 3D Laser Scan of Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, Ohio

TrueScan’s ability to break down the huge data sets, allows end-users to better navigate smaller amounts of data with ease and less computer fire-power. A design team member can be given a segment of data that is most important to them, like the structural system, machinery, and equipment, mechanical, electrical, or plumbing systems – without the need for full-bodied computers to read data from the entire facility.

While TrueScan’s team is experienced with scanning and modeling for 1M+ square foot facilities or larger, sometimes the project is as small as a single room or a very small portion of a larger facility. On one project for a client, TrueScan was asked to provide scanning and modeling documentation for a small portion of an existing mechanical room within a healthcare facility. The project was completed to aid the analysis of the structural capacity and to facilitate the addition of structural supports, designed to support the additional weight of new specialized equipment on the upper level of the facility. Although small in area, the space was engrossed with complex systems that required multiple scanning set-ups to capture the finest detail within the model.

3D scanning point cloud of close quarters mechanical room

3D Point Cloud of Tight Knit Mechanical Room

How Does TrueScan Navigate the Massive Amounts of Data for Any Size Project to Create These Models?

Our modelers use various methods to interpret the point cloud data and generate detailed, high-quality models. Some of the steps for this process include:

  • Cutting dozens of sections through the space to better visualize and interpret the point cloud data.
  • Analyzing the point cloud data and comparing it to the TrueView or RealView images
  • Observing the intensity values of the data to confirm the accuracy and quality of the measurements

Using the steps above and through good project communication with clients, our 3D modeling specialists can create comprehensive and precise Revit models.

By providing a small amount of additional work up front, TrueScan’s team of expert 3D modelers can reduce the clients’ need to manage large data sets, enhancing the users’ experience and giving them more time to focus on other project details.

The modeling team at TrueScan works hard so you don’t have to. We want to make sure you see every angle of your building or space before you need to make any changes. Contact us today and let 3D laser scanning improve your project.

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