Cincinnati Zoo Drone Footage

News | December 02, 2019

TrueScan was recently asked to use our drone to document the assembly of the giant “Nutcracker Rhino” at the Cincinnati Zoo.  Of course, we ecstatically said yes! The Cincinnati Zoo has been a cultural destination in the city since before most of us were born.  The Rhino has been an icon at the Festival of Lights for many years as well, so TrueScan was excited to lend our expertise to the yearly assembly of this community fixture.

Jared White, one of our drone pilots, spent the morning with the construction crew assembling the Rhino.  He was able to make several flights with the drone as the assembly was taking place. With the high-resolution camera in our drone, he was able to capture the work in great detail, while keeping the drone away from the crews and interfering with their work. Probably the most interesting footage Jared recorded was the placement of the head on the Rhino. This video was shared with local news and media outlets. We were very excited when WLWT featured our work!

We continue to be overjoyed when we have the opportunity to serve our community and help out where we can. Our mission to serve our community, in addition to our daily work responsibilities, drives the decisions we make each day.

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