TrueScan Heritage Services Conserve & Protect American History: Laser Scan to BIM, LiDAR, HBIM, Digital Twin

Blog | March 13, 2023


Protecting History — and Assets

Since 2011, TrueScan Teams have been passionate about Historical and Heritage projects. Preservation and protection of America’s important heritage buildings is critical to our history — and perhaps to your business. Using our state-of-the-art technology in laser to BIM, LiDAR, Digital Twin, and TrueScan teams’ other integrated services adds a layer of conservation, protection, and efficiency via datasets in point clouds unavailable even a decade ago. Heritage assets’ value is becoming more quantifiable AND qualified every day.  

Beneficial Expertise

Both conservators and owners of America’s many heritage properties benefit as technology evolves, and as more agencies and owners become aware of what we can do for them and for future generations’ knowledge via stored data and modeling.   The approach to data collection and modeling specific to historic projects, or “HBIM” (Historic Building Information Modeling), is a paradigm within architectural heritage that can be used for creating, conserving, documenting, and managing complete engineering drawings and information. Learn how this may apply to you by contacting us today.

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Watch the video above to discover many considerations for these unique projects.  Extensive planning is key.  To discuss specifics on YOUR project, please contact a TrueScan expert today.

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