TrueScan Now Has Two Nationally Certified Building Documentation Professionals

News | November 10, 2017

Last year, TrueScan’s Dave Cox, PS became one of the first professionals in the nation to pass the USIBD Level of Accuracy (LOA) test to accredit professionals in the use of LOA V.2 for building documentation. This year you can add Brendan Welsh to that list. This gives TrueScan two of only twenty-nine professionals nationally to pass the exam.

The U.S. Institute of Building Documentation (USIBD) focuses on establishing standards, guidelines & best practices for the building documentation industry. One of their biggest accomplishments has been the implementation of the level of accuracy specifications, first introduced in 2014. Like any specification, the LOA spec lays out a common set of accuracy standards and details requirements for documenting buildings & structures. By passing the exam, the USIBD has certified that Dave & Brendan understand both the guidelines and applications of the Level of Accuracy Standards.

For TrueScan clients, having two nationally certified building documentation professionals means they can be confident that TrueScan is delivering a final deliverable that meets or exceeds the latest industry standards. This is particularly important in the emerging 3D laser scanning industry, where expertise and experience have varied widely between companies offering these services. Adding another team member with this certification further illustrates our commitment to being a national leader in the Reality Capture industry. Contact our team to bring the benefits of the USIBD and 3D laser scanning to your next project.

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