Cincinnati Laser Scanning

Minimize risk and design confidently with 3D Laser Scanning

TrueScan’s Cincinnati headquarters is where it all started! As part of The Kleingers Group, TrueScan evolved from a group of professionally licensed surveyors and engineers into professionals focused on 3D laser scanning and modeling.

Today, we help design professionals like you realize your dream projects by eliminating uncertainty and misalignment.

As professional, licensed surveyors, we help you eliminate the unknowns, so you can design and build with confidence. We have over 25 years of experience in measurement science, and more experience managing, reducing, and eliminating errors than other laser scanning firms. Cincinnati is also our home – and we are proud to be the leading Cincinnati laser scanning firm.


6219 Centre Park Drive, West Chester, OH 45069
Phone: (513) 755-8733

Scope Your Next Project

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We can deliver any of the following:

  • Point cloud data
  • Scan to BIM
  • 2D or 3D CAD drawing
  • 3D Building Information Models (BIM)
  • MEP-specific models
  • Revit models
  • As-built models in your preferred software

Our Specialties

TrueScan specializes specifically in creating point clouds and building models for building, facility and structural projects, including the exterior and interior of complex buildings. We are most experienced working with the following industries:

  • Architectural documentation for the AEC industry
  • Industrial facilities
  • Complex modeling for Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP)
  • Healthcare facilities, including hospitals and operating rooms
  • Construction sites, including construction verification
  • Retail projects
  • Historic preservation and documentation
  • Sport and entertainment venues
  • Roadway and bridge projects
  • Many more specialized applications
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