How Does 3D Laser Scanning Work?

In its simplest form, a 3D laser scanner is similar to a camera taking a photograph. When one of our experienced team members sets up and scans a building or structure, the scanner turns in a complete circle to capture a full view of the space around it.

As it turns, it captures a detailed measurement of everything it can see around it. After each scan, we move the scanner to a different location in the space and capture measurements from that location. Each scan collects millions of points of data that our team then stitches together to create a consummate digital picture that creates an as-built, real-time representation of your site. TrueScanTM can deliver this data in a variety of ways that allow stakeholders to move about the space and capture exact measurements of virtually every inch of the space scanned.

Our process captures every nuance and spatial relationship of your space to help all team members involved account for misalignments, uncertainties, and possible errors or change orders. Ultimately, our data allows you to save time, money, and make your dream project a reality.