What is the Benefit of 3D Laser Scanning?

Our motto at TrueScan is to know more, risk less, build better. 3D laser scanning, 3D modeling, and drone services can help you and your team do exactly that. Laser scanning creates an incredibly detailed and accurate digital picture of your space as it stands in real-time. The millions of data points our laser scanners capture allow us to create a fully maneuverable three-dimensional model you and your team can work through, anytime, anywhere. From this model, you can take accurate measurements of virtually every inch of the space without needing to physically be present in the space. 3D laser scanning helps project stakeholders avoid misalignments and errors, costly change orders, unsuspected project delays, and undue frustration. By being exponentially faster and less invasive than traditional hand measurements, projects can continue with ease while scans go underway and avoid project or production halts. Along with all these benefits, TrueScan’s data from laser scanning can be easily shared among teammates in a variety of different formats and visuals to help keep every member continuously in the loop and on pace with the project. TrueScan and 3D laser scanning work hard so you don’t have to.