Historic Preservation 3D Laser Scanning and Modeling


As our cities grow, preserving historical buildings continues to be on the minds of architects and design professionals. At TrueScanTM we know the importance of keeping history alive and are here to provide the tools needed to make that happen. With 3D laser scanning, our experienced technicians are able to take extremely accurate measurements of a space, even covering hard-to-reach and dangerous areas that can’t be reached by traditional surveying methods.

By incorporating the latest in 3D modeling methods, TrueScan is able to provide design professionals an incredibly detailed 3D view of the historic structure without even leaving their office. Our 3D models cover every inch of the space and allow you to see any potential inaccuracies or misalignments before the project even begins. We will make sure you and your team are able to keep your town’s history intact in the most timely and cost-effective way possible. When focusing on your history, TrueScan is here to make sure you have confidence in every decision.


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Benefits of Historic Preservation Laser Scanning:

  • Quickly Get Actual As-Built Plans.

    Historic structures almost never match outdated building plans. Laser scanning and modeling give you an accurate plan of your building the day the project starts.

  • Eliminate Change Orders and Ensure Accuracy. 

    Laser scanning and modeling for BIM and Revit is much more accurate than traditional methods of measurement.

  • Preserve Historic Building Details. 

    Laser scanning provides a much higher level of detail than hand measuring, allowing you to capture, preserve and reproduce intricate building details. The digital record can also be saved indefinitely, preserving present information for future generations.

Gregory Buccola, LEED AP BD+C headshot.
TrueScan makes it easier for us to be successful with our clients and provide deliverables that others cannot. We have the confidence and trust to send them to our client's facilities all over the region and they represent L&F like one of our own. We can't think of a better partner than TrueScan to expand our service offerings.
Gregory Buccola, LEED AP BD+C
Director of Structural Marketing
Luckett & Farley
Laser Scanning Can Greatly Benefit Your Project:
  • Quick and efficient documentation of what really exists
  • Discover unknowns
  • Simplify complex environments
  • Reduce change orders
  • Manage project risk
  • Reduce project delays
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