Medical Office Building

Atlanta, GA

Having extensive experience working within the world of healthcare architecture and construction, TrueScan was selected to perform laser scanning and 3D modeling services for a large Medical Office Building in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Working directly for the architect, the TrueScan team scanned parts of the 6-story building in just over a day. Although the entire building was not scanned, well over 300 scans set-ups were performed throughout the hospital. Once the point cloud was complete, TrueScan created a comprehensive Revit model of the building. Prior to this, the architect had a Revit model of the building that was put together from existing drawings and measurements. However, comparisons to the new point cloud information proved there were inaccuracies in several places of the original model the architects retained. The veteran TrueScan team worked with the client’s existing model to adjust problem areas to match the scan then model the additional information collected. 

Having TrueScan perform a laser scan on this building saved the architect both time and money on the project. Understanding where inaccuracies were in their existing data allowed them to address problems before they became issues during construction. The architect was confident they designed with the most accurate data possible.    

Services provided by TrueScan:
3D Laser Scanning 3D Modeling
Save time and money with
accurate measurements.
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