Cincinnati Museum Center At Union Terminal

Cincinnati, OH

Often working in and around historical buildings and architecture, TrueScan performed one of the largest 3D laser scans ever completed in this region at the historic Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal. TrueScan scanned approximately 600,000 sqft, capturing nearly 4.3 billion data points, of the iconic rotunda, concourse, and exterior of the Museum Center. These scans resulted in extremely precise measurements of every square inch of the space.

The construction teams working on the 83-year-old Museum Center project had been working off of decades-old plans. The data captured by TrueScan was used to create a detailed model that updated these plans and made design changes incredibly more accessible.

In order to capture this data, TrueScan deployed two scanning teams working two shifts per day for approximately 10 weeks straight. During that time, the teams completed more than 2,300 individual scanning setups, scanning millions of data points with each scan. All of this data was brought together to provide extremely valuable build insight to both the construction and design teams as well as the management team at the Cincinnati Museum Center that could be referred to whenever needed.

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