Hospital Operating Rooms

Indianapolis, IN

A large hospital in Indianapolis underwent an extensive renovation to its operating room suites. The renovation included about 30 active operating rooms. Not only was documenting the vast structure and its array of equipment, piping, outlets, lighting, etc. in these rooms a major challenge by traditional measuring methods, so was getting access. These rooms were in constant use and gaining access was nearly impossible. As a result, the design team turned to TrueScan to provide laser scanning services for the project.

The TrueScan team worked with the design team and hospital staff to develop a plan to take down a small group of rooms at a time. Scans were performed overnight so disruptions were kept to a minimum. Each night five to seven of the rooms taken offline were scanned and scrubbed down once the teams were done. Field scanning was completed in approximately five days. Not only were the operating rooms scanned, but connecting corridors between the rooms were documented as well.

Ultimately, the TrueScan team provided documentation of critical project spaces that would not have been possible through traditional methods.  The point cloud, combined with Realview images, allowed the design team to see the operating rooms as if they were there. This eliminated the need to travel back to the project site and create future disruptions in the rooms.

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