Limestone Mine

Upstate NY

Creative problems require creative solutions. A client was planning to build a section of a new bourbon distillery in an old limestone mine in Upstate New York and was searching for the best way to understand the spatial viability and structural feasibility of utilizing this space for something new. The client called TrueScan to help them solve their problem and used 3D laser scanning to understand the incredibly precise measurements need to undergo this endeavor. The historical mine was once used to quarry “Rosendake Concrete” and was home to a large freshwater spring. Along with this, the mine interior sloped right through a mountain “vein”. Due to these complications, the client needed to know every bit of information available as well as have the most accurate and up-to-date measurements. Once TrueScan’s team finished the scans and registering, the information was delivered to the designers who used the data in Rhino, 3D Studio Max, and Solidworks to develop conceptual designs for the future build.

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