Florida Resort Water Park

Orlando, FL

The TrueScan team was contacted to provide 3D laser scanning and modeling services for a resort hotel pool being renovated in Orlando, Florida. TrueScan’s ability to quickly dispatch a team and deliver a model to the client was the key to this project’s success. When the client called, speed was their primary concern, and a quick turn-around was essential. TrueScan had a scanning crew to the site the next day after getting the order to move forward.

Once on-site, our crew scanned parts of the pool deck, the structure, and piping below the pool in just a single day. The crew scanned for existing column locations and piping below the pool so the design team could understand how to route new piping and where new pool equipment could be placed. Once the scanning was complete, TrueScan created a Revit model of the information collected in just a few short days to deliver to the client.

Services provided by TrueScan:
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