Floor Flatness and Levelness



View an Example Floor Flatness and Levelness Report from TrueScan

When providing a floor flatness and levelness service to a client, TrueScan works to deliver the most accurate and precise information available. TrueScan’s reports couple with point clouds and 3D models to give a client a full 360-degree view of their space.

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Prevent Time, Revenue, and Client Confidence Loss.

As the economy of the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry has shifted and fluctuated over the course of 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic, TrueScan understands that production and materials costs are rising. These costs rise, the industry becomes more competitive, forcing contractors and AEC professionals to make sure they have the utmost confidence in their data and project plans to keep budgets and profit thresholds in the best possible spot. One of the key elements of keeping costs low and profits high on a project is understanding a space’s floor flatness and levelness. A detailed scan and report from TrueScan can give you and your team essential information such as flatness change, elevation analysis, and cut & fill data. TrueScan provides the data and tools you need to understand and work within your space – from the ground up.

What Flatness Information Does TrueScan Provide?

  • Heat Map – We provide you with a precise yet easy-to-understand heat map that shows the change in flatness across the entire space.
  • Contour Map – TrueScan can share a detailed contour map showing the various elevation changes across the flooring.
  • Cut & Fill Analysis – Coupled with the heat and contour maps, TrueScan can provide an all-encompassing cut & fill analysis that allows team members to see what areas need cut or filled to present complete flatness and optimal level.
Gregory Buccola, LEED AP BD+C headshot.
TrueScan makes it easier for us to be successful with our clients and provide deliverables that others cannot. We have the confidence and trust to send them to our client's facilities all over the region and they represent L&F like one of our own. We can't think of a better partner than TrueScan to expand our service offerings.
Gregory Buccola, LEED AP BD+C
Director of Structural Marketing
Luckett & Farley