Matterport Benefits.

  1. Immersive 3D experiences: Matterport’s 3D models allow users to experience a space in an immersive, interactive way, as if they were physically present in the location. This can be especially useful for real estate marketing, as it allows potential buyers to virtually explore a property before visiting in person.

  2. Efficient data collection: Matterport’s 3D camera can capture high-resolution images and laser scans of a space quickly and accurately, allowing users to create a detailed model with minimal effort. This can save time and resources compared to traditional methods of data collection, such as manual measurements or manual photography.

  3. Easy sharing: Matterport’s 3D models can be easily shared with others via a web link or embed code, making it easy to collaborate with team members or share with clients.

  4. Versatility: Matterport’s technology has a wide range of applications, including virtual tours, real estate marketing, as-built documentation for construction and design projects, and more. This makes it a valuable tool for a variety of industries and applications.

  5. Accurate measurements: Matterport’s 3D models can be used to accurately measure dimensions and distances within a space, making it useful for a variety of purposes such as construction planning or furniture layout.

Ryan Wellinghoff headshot.
We had never used laser scanning or worked with a point cloud before. TrueScan – and in particular Jared – really held our hand at the beginning helping us learn to crawl before we learned to walk. He guided us through the whole process, before we even knew the questions we needed to be asking.”
Ryan Wellinghoff
Architectural Technology Manager
John Poe Architects
Paul Schmidt headshot.
Having a model helped me to visualize a simple revision to the design that ended up saving a full 10 months out of the construction schedule. I am positive that I simply would have not noticed this potential if it weren’t for having the accurate scanned information at my disposal.
Paul Schmidt
Operations Vice President
Messer Construction