UAV Services

Unmanned aerial surveying & mapping is an emerging technology that is making rapid advancements in the design & construction industries.  Recent innovations to cameras, computers, software and aircraft technology have opened up significant opportunities to help designers, contractors and facility owners become more efficient in executing their projects and schedules.  As an industry leader in reality capture, TrueScan is excited to lead the way in providing unmanned aerial services to our clients in the design, engineering & construction industries.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles provide a number of advantages on design & construction projects.  Much like 3D laser scanning, they provide a snapshot of the project as it exists today.  So you can be sure you are always getting the latest & most accurate data for your project.  With the high-resolution cameras used on our UAVs, we can capture detailed imagery at a close range.  This is extremely valuable for inspection work and increasing safety by keeping people out dangerous working conditions and reducing the need to enter high traffic areas.  UAVs also provide the ability to survey much larger areas in a shorter amount of time.  With TrueScan’s licensed surveyors and our ability to set control for a project, you know you are getting accurate data that is based on a real world coordinate system.

Scope Your Next Project
3D laser scanning by drone in Cincinnati Ohio

With a team of 3 UAV pilots who have obtained the FAA’s Remote Pilot Certification and our fleet of UAVs, the TrueScan team is able to deliver critical data for your project needs.  Our team members are experts in point cloud data collection, analysis & modeling.  The ability to generate point cloud data quickly and safely from an aerial perspective is a valuable complement to our terrestrial capabilities.

Some of our UAV services include:

  • Aerial Surveying & Mapping
  • Building & Façade Inspection
  • Reality Capture / As-built Information
  • Construction Planning & Management
  • Aerial Photography / Marketing
  • Pavement Inventory & Inspections
Historic preservation model in Hamilton Ohio