Eliminate uncertainty so you can design and build with confidence.

Our 3D Laser Scanning Services deliver the precise measurements you need, fast.


3D laser scanning that captures your project with pristine accuracy

Minimize risk, save time, and realize your dream projects with TrueScan.


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Benefits of Laser Scanning

Have confidence in every decision


Your designs and reputation deserve better than the questionable accuracy of a tape measure. 3D laser scanning from TrueScan captures every aspect of your project in rich detail, delivered as a digital 3D model you can explore inside and out. We’ll walk alongside you until you’re completely comfortable using the information we give you. So you’re free to do what you do best.

Minimize Risk

When you know all the parameters of a space, you’re free to make the most informed design choices, reducing the chances for things like change orders, project delays, or wasted materials.

Eliminate Uncertainty

With traditional methods you can expect to be off by two to three feet. With 3D laser scanning you have the ability to be accurate within half an inch.

Save Time

Our 3D laser scanning captures millions of data points 5 times faster than traditional methods. Within days of the scan, you’ll receive a virtual point cloud that works with your own software.

Lake City VA Hospital

Orlando International Airport Terminal

Atlanta Residence

Atlanta Medical Office Building

West Point Academy Scanning

VA Hospital Documentation – Indiana and Michigan

University of Cincinnati Probasco Hall

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility

Having a model helped me to visualize a simple revision to the design that ended up saving a full 10 months out of the construction schedule. I am positive that I simply would have not noticed this potential if it weren’t for having the accurate scanned information at my disposal. The contractors see the value through our day to day planning with the model, and visualizing the work before it happens. The owner is recognizing the cost savings of shaving 10 months off of the project schedule and has also become an advocate of 3D scanning.

Paul SchmidtSenior Project Manager, Messer Construction

TrueScan makes it easier for us to be successful with our clients and provide deliverables that others cannot. We have the confidence and trust to send them to our client's facilities all over the region and they represent L&F like on of our own. We can't think of a better partner than TrueScan to expand our service offerings.

Gregory Buccola, LEED AP BD+CDirector of Structural Marketing, Luckett & Farley

With your industry leading technology and experience, I received my model under budget and quicker than than going to the site for takeoffs and creating the Revit model in-house. We saved two full-time modelers a minimum of 4 to 5 weeks creating the existing building structure and MEP systems. With your team’s professionalism at the job site, the owner was pleased to see the non-interruption to the facility’s day to day operations.

Matthew StuverBIM Manager, Dynamix Engineering

Industrial Facilities

3D laser scanning is fast, safe, and non-intrusive — minimizing or eliminating costly downtime.

MEP Spaces

Accurate to within a few millimeters, 3D laser scanning improves accuracy and reduces or eliminates oversights, clashes and material waste on mechanical, electrical and plumbing projects.

Architectural Projects

Laser scanning gives you accurate information at the start of a project, so you can design freely and confidently.

Healthcare Projects

Hospitals and medical buildings are complicated and hard to understand. 3D modeling captures precise details of your facility before you start designing, avoiding change orders or delays.

Construction Sites

Laser scanning helps you make informed decisions about your project and confirms details throughout a project, before mistakes become costly.

Retail Projects

Renovations should happen quickly, so you can re-open as soon as possible. Laser scanning is incredibly fast and can reduce project schedules, so you can meet your timelines.

Historic Preservation

Capturing, preserving, and reproducing intricate details requires an incredible level of accuracy. Laser scanning enables you to confidently restore buildings, and creates a new record for the future.

And Many Others…

Our laser scanning experience extends to nearly every industry, including sports and entertainment venues, roadway and bridge projects, and other specialized applications.