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High quality 3D laser scanning for architectural, mechanical,
structural, industrial, construction and roadway projects.

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Historic Georgetown City Hall in Washington DC

Historic Georgetown City Hall

WUMC healthcare modeling in St Louis Missouri

Washington University Medical Center

3D model of a Hospital Operating Room

Hospital Operating Rooms

Construction laser scanning can help with leveling

Parking Garage Scanning

Industrial modeling in Joplin Missouri

Food Processing Plant

Architectural point cloud in dayton ohio

University of Dayton Arena Renovation

healthcare laser scan above ceiling in Cincinnati ohio

Bethesda North Hospital

AC Hotel Columbus

Benefits of Laser Scanning

Millions of real-world data points

A single laser scan captures up to a million 3D data points per second, providing incredibly rich detail of every aspect of your project.

Answer unanticipated questions

How many times have you left the job site, only to discover you needed a few more measurements? A 3D scan will capture that extra data, eliminating the need to return to the project to answer unanticipated questions.

Minimize shut-down times

Best results are normally obtained during times of minimal activity. However, scanning is quick, safe, and non-intrusive — eliminating or minimizing operational shut downs and client inconvenience.

Eliminate Error

Individual measurements acquired by tapes or hand held “distos” are subject to numerous errors. Laser scanning is the most accurate form of measurement available, delivering accuracy of a few millimeters or less.

Reduce change orders and waste

The cost of a scan pales in comparison to the cost of change orders and construction delays. Incorporating a laser scan into the design of your project assures accurate and complete information, avoiding costly headaches and wasted material during the construction phase.

Increase safety

Acquiring hand measurements by conventional methods can be dangerous. 3D scanning can obtain measurements in hazerdous locations while keeping workers out of harms way.

Having a model helped me to visualize a simple revision to the design that ended up saving a full 10 months out of the construction schedule. I am positive that I simply would have not noticed this potential if it weren’t for having the accurate scanned information at my disposal. The contractors see the value through our day to day planning with the model, and visualizing the work before it happens. The owner is recognizing the cost savings of shaving 10 months off of the project schedule and has also become an advocate of 3D scanning.

Paul SchmidtSenior Project Manager, Messer Construction

Truescan3D makes it easier for us to be successful with our clients and provide deliverables that others cannot. We have the confidence and trust to send them to our client's facilities all over the region and they represent L&F like on of our own. We can't think of a better partner than Truescan3D to expand our service offerings.

Gregory Buccola, LEED AP BD+CDirector of Structural Marketing, Luckett & Farley

With your industry leading technology and experience, I received my model under budget and quicker than than going to the site for takeoffs and creating the Revit model in-house. We saved two full-time modelers a minimum of 4 to 5 weeks creating the existing building structure and MEP systems. With your team’s professionalism at the job site, the owner was pleased to see the non-interruption to the facility’s day to day operations.

Matthew StuverBIM Manager, Dynamix Engineering

Industrial Facilities

3D laser scanning is fast, safe, and non-intrusive — minimizing or eliminating costly downtime.

MEP Spaces

Accurate to within a few millimeters, 3D laser scanning improves accuracy and reduces or eliminates oversights, clashes and material waste on mechanical, electrical and plumbing projects.

Architectural Projects

Laser scanning helps you understand your building the day the project starts, keeping you from relying on outdated or inaccurate drawings.

Healthcare Projects

Most hospitals are not straightforward and more complex than traditional buildings. Capture all the information quickly, accurately and without return visits.

Construction Sites

Nothing is ever built EXACTLY as planned. Laser scanning gives you real-world information that helps you make informed decisions about your project. Ongoing laser scanning helps you confirm details as your project moves forward, before mistakes become costly.

Retail Projects

Get accurate information quickly. Laser scanning is much quicker than hand measuring and can reduce project schedules.

Historic Preservation

Preserve historic building details. Laser scanning provides a much higher level of detail than hand measuring, allowing you to capture, preserve and reproduce intricate building details.

And Many Others…

Truescan3D also specializes in laser scanning for a variety of other industries including sport and entertainment venues, roadway and bridge projects, and many more specialized applications.