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Handing You Accurate, Existing Conditions: Putting Design Data at Your Fingertips

TrueScanTM offers existing conditions reality capture to empower efficiency and creativity in your building and design projects.

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We Measure, You Innovate: Bringing Your Building and Vision to Life

Our 3D construction laser scanning & building  modeling service offers increased capacity, accuracy, and efficiency.

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Our Specialty:
Building Documentation

An aerial view of a revit model of a building with a tennis court An aerial view of a model of a building with blue and yellow coloring A rendering of a house with a balcony An aerial view of a house with a tennis court A rendering of a building with a pool in front of it

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Small Objects


Reverse Engineering





Our Diverse Portfolio Across Industries

From retail and commercial buildings to entertainment venues and historic buildings, explore our past projects to discover the possibilities for your next endeavor.

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An aerial view of a model of a building with blue and yellow coloring

Cincinnati Bengals Stadium 3d rendering

University of Tennessee Boiler Plant 3d Model

Meet Our Trusted Team

Brendan Welsh headshot

CEO, President

Brendan Welsh, PE, PS

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Jared White headshot

Vice President, Existing Conditions

Jared White

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Brandon French headshot

Vice President, Acquisitions

Brandon French

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Reputable Solutions for the Built World

Jenna Smith headshot.
Jenna Smith

Project Manager

JLL, Hotels & Hospitality Group

“(Laser scanning) has been a godsend for our designers to be able to “walk” through the building, who otherwise wouldn’t have due to COVID travel restrictions. It has allowed us to keep the project moving.”

Paul Schmidt headshot.
Paul Schmidt

Operations Vice President

Messer Construction

“Having a model helped me to visualize a simple revision to the design that ended up saving a full 10 months out of the construction schedule. I am positive that I simply would have not noticed this potential if it weren’t for having the accurate scanned information at my disposal.”

Luckett & Farley
Gregory Buccola, LEED AP BD+C headshot.
Gregory Buccola

Director of Structural Marketing

Luckett & Farley

“TrueScan makes it easier for us to be successful with our clients and provide deliverables that others cannot. We have the confidence and trust to send them to our client’s facilities all over the region and they represent L&F like one of our own. We can’t think of a better partner than TrueScan to expand […]”

Croft & Associates logo.
Ed Setzler headshot.
Ed Setzler

Vice President, Federal Programs

CROFT & Associates

“Using TrueScan to develop our initial Revit model was the smartest money we spent on the project. They developed a LOD-300 model for 76,120 SF of existing facilities and did exactly what we needed them to do – build three accurate Revit models we could use as the starting point for a complex renovation design. […]”

John Poe Architects logo.
Ryan Wellinghoff headshot.
Ryan Wellinghoff

Architectural Technology Manager

John Poe Architects

“We had never used laser scanning or worked with a point cloud before. TrueScan – and in particular Jared – really held our hand at the beginning helping us learn to crawl before we learned to walk. He guided us through the whole process, before we even knew the questions we needed to be asking.””

Matthew Stuver headshot.
Matthew Stuver

Electrical Design Engineer

Dynamix Engineering

“With your industry-leading technology and experience, I received my model under budget and quicker than going to the site for takeoffs and creating the Revit model in-house. We saved two full-time modelers a minimum of 4 to 5 weeks creating the existing building structure and MEP systems.”


Can You Give Me a Price Per Square Foot?

Given the vast amount of variables that can affect the price of a project, we do not provide a price per square foot. Some of the factors we consider are the distance of the space from our location, the complexity of the space and project, and how the space or building is built, among other things.

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How Long Does 3D Laser Scanning Take?

While time is certainly involved, 3D laser scanning and modeling are exponentially quicker than any traditional process done by hand. Our team of surveyors, modelers, and engineers are seasoned veterans in the geospatial world that tailor every piece of data to you and your project in the best and most effective way possible. All projects are different and there is no exact timeline but our team will make sure you are working with the most accurate and precise data to keep your project on time, under budget, and virtually stress-free.

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How Do I Use This Data?

There are a variety of uses for our data to help you and your team complete your project. The thorough information our team provides can be used independently, with current blueprints or plan sets, or even brought right into and aligned with Revit or your existing model, among other opportunities. TrueScan’s data creates a complete digital reference point of your space that can be revisited whenever and wherever needed. The goal of our data is to reduce errors and change orders as it allows you to preemptively measure and understand every inch of your space before you begin.

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