New York 3D Laser Scanning and Modeling

TrueScanTM 3D Laser Scanning Services Provide Precise Scans and Detailed Models Quickly.

With more than 25 years of experience in measurement science, TrueScan provides accurate and reliable 3D laser scanning, 3D modeling, and drone services throughout New York. Our extensive experience means we are incredibly adept at providing highly accurate information for you to build the most exact models – leading to less time wasted, less stress, and more money saved. All BIM models are designed in the United States and our laser scanning team can often be on-site within the week. Let us help you bring your dream project together in the best way possible.

We proudly provide laser scanning throughout New York, including:

  • Buffalo
  • Rochester
  • Syracuse
  • Albany
  • Ithaca
  • New York City

With our highly skilled crew of surveyors, engineers, and modelers, no building project is too big or small. The TrueScan team can easily mobilize throughout the US to provide design professionals and builders the essential benefits of exceptionally accurate 3D laser scanning and modeling. TrueScan’s goal is to make sure our clients know more, risk less, and build better. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce75% of contractors believe that advanced technologies can improve the management of project schedules. We pride ourselves in providing builders the tools necessary to keep projects on time, under budget, and virtually stress-free. Contact TrueScan for a tailored quote today.

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Here's How It Works:
When our experienced surveyors arrive, we start with extensive 3D laser scanning, capturing millions of measurements every second, and documenting every spec of your project into a digital map that you can explore inside and out. Then, based on your design and project needs, we can provide either a detailed point cloud or an in-depth digital 3D model. With these tools, we provide the ability to see every potential problem with your project before they arise. We remove inaccuracies, mismeasurement, and confusion to make sure your project finishes on time, under budget, and virtually stress-free. TrueScan gives you the information you need to make the best decisions for your project, from start to finish.
Speak with a team member and receive a custom quote within 48 hours.
We capture millions of measurements turning your project into a detailed and comprehensive digital map.
Explore your point cloud or digital model using our software or yours. Whatever is best for you!

From Retail to Industrial, Healthcare to Historic Preservation, TrueScan Has the 3D Laser Scanning Tools to Make Your Project a Success.

At TrueScan, our team of seasoned and trusted surveyors and modelers have experienced working in a variety of industries and locations. We focus our expertise on providing detailed interior and exteriors scans and models in the following industries:

Gregory Buccola, LEED AP BD+C headshot.
TrueScan makes it easier for us to be successful with our clients and provide deliverables that others cannot. We have the confidence and trust to send them to our client's facilities all over the region and they represent L&F like one of our own. We can't think of a better partner than TrueScan to expand our service offerings.
Gregory Buccola, LEED AP BD+C
Director of Structural Marketing
Luckett & Farley