Scanning Services in Atlanta, Georgia

In Atlanta’s dynamic urban landscape, where change is constant and construction projects abound, precision is paramount. TrueScan specializes in 3D laser scanning, uniquely tailored to Atlanta’s needs. Our top-tier services guarantee precise capture of every detail, from historic landmarks to contemporary developments. With tight deadlines and high stakes, TrueScan is the trusted choice for achieving pixel-perfect precision on every project.

3D Laser Scanning in Atlanta

Atlanta’s bustling urban landscape is characterized by a blend of architectural styles and rich historical heritage, making it an attractive hub for construction and renovation projects.

However, amidst the city’s bustling streets and towering structures, unique challenges emerge. Juggling the preservation of historic landmarks alongside the demands of modern development, maneuvering through tight construction sites and congested roads, and adjusting to Atlanta’s ever-evolving landscape pose significant challenges.

Additionally, the city’s climate presents its own set of challenges, from hot summers to severe weather events. In this dynamic setting, innovative solutions like laser scanning play a crucial role in overcoming obstacles and ensuring project success.

How Laser Scanning Helps Your Project in Atlanta

TrueScan’s advanced laser scanning technology goes beyond mere documentation—it creates comprehensive 3D models that serve as invaluable assets throughout the project lifecycle. In a city where time is of the essence and accuracy is non-negotiable, TrueScan’s laser scanning services offer a reliable solution for maximizing efficiency and minimizing risk in Atlanta’s dynamic construction landscape.

1. Streamlined Design Process in Atlanta

Laser scanning revolutionizes the design process by providing highly detailed documentation of existing structures. This eliminates guesswork and reduces the need for costly revisions during the design phase. Architects and engineers can work with accurate data from the start, ensuring that designs align seamlessly with the existing environment. By streamlining the design process, laser scanning saves both time and money, allowing projects to progress smoothly and efficiently.

2. Enhanced Team Collaboration in Atlanta

Accurate 3D models generated through laser scanning facilitate better communication among stakeholders. Architects, engineers, and contractors can collaborate more effectively, as everyone works from the same accurate data set. This fosters a collaborative environment where ideas can be shared, feedback can be incorporated, and potential errors can be identified and addressed early on. By reducing miscommunication and errors, laser scanning enhances collaboration and helps projects stay on track.

3. Improved Safety and Compliance in Atlanta

Laser scanning enables thorough site assessments, helping project teams identify potential hazards and ensure compliance with safety regulations. By providing detailed, real-time information about the site, laser scanning enhances safety protocols and reduces the risk of accidents.

Additionally, laser scanning helps project teams stay compliant with regulatory requirements, avoiding costly fines and delays. In Atlanta’s bustling construction scene, where safety is paramount, laser scanning provides an invaluable tool for maintaining a safe and compliant work environment.

Furthermore, using 3D scanning technology, such as deploying drones for site assessments, eliminates the need for personnel to endure severe weather or physically access unstable structures like roofs. This not only improves safety by minimizing the risk of falls and other accidents but also ensures that inspections can continue uninterrupted regardless of weather, leading to more efficient project timelines.

Our Projects in Atlanta

TrueScan has been instrumental in numerous projects across Atlanta, including:

Residential Home Scan and Model

For this project, the TrueScan team was contracted by the project architect to provide 3D laser scanning and Revit modeling services for this private residence in Atlanta. With extensive renovations at the residence and no viable drawings to work from, the architect realized that proper documentation was needed. The options were to measure by hand and then try to rebuild the structure from those measurements in Revit, or to have it laser scanned and convert the point cloud into a Revit model. The designer decided that the scan would provide a far more accurate depiction of the residence while costing roughly the same as hand measuring.

The TrueScan team scanned the residence in less than a day and delivered a comprehensive 3D model of the space in just a few more days. This gave the architect precisely what they needed to visualize and provide their best design accurately.

Medical Office Building

Having extensive experience working within the world of healthcare architecture and construction, TrueScan was selected to perform laser scanning and 3D modeling services for a large medical office building in Atlanta.

Working directly for the architect, the TrueScan team scanned parts of the 6-story building in just over a day. Although the entire building was not scanned, well over 300 scan set-ups were performed throughout the hospital. Once the point cloud was complete, TrueScan created a comprehensive Revit model of the building.

Prior to this, the architect had a Revit model of the building that was put together from existing drawings and measurements. However, comparisons to the new point cloud information proved there were inaccuracies in several places of the original model the architects retained. The veteran TrueScan team worked with the client’s existing model to adjust problem areas to match the scan then model the additional information collected.

Having TrueScan perform a laser scan on this building saved the architect both time and money on the project. Understanding where inaccuracies were in their existing data allowed them to address problems before they became issues during construction. The architect was confident they designed with the most accurate data possible.

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