Pittsburgh 3D Laser Scanning and Modeling

Experienced and Local, 3D Laser Scanning Services From TrueScanTM Provide Precise Scans and Models Quickly.

It should be a given that what you dream and design can be sufficiently built. And it can. Our 3D laser scan provides a, incredibly precise visual capture of your building, so you can design freely and confidently. Laser scanning with TrueScan is faster, more accurate, and more predictable than any other method. On top of that, with our advanced laser scanning methods and drone services, we are able to reach difficult areas that would be otherwise inaccessible via traditional surveying methods. As part of The Kleingers Group, TrueScan offers more than 25 years of experience in measurement science, giving us more experience managing, reducing, and eliminating errors than other laser scanning firms. TrueScan’s 3D laser scanning and modeling toolkit allows you to design completely, fully, and have confidence in every decision.

With our highly skilled crew of surveyors, engineers, and modelers, no building project is too big or complex. TrueScan’s goal is to make sure our clients know more, risk less, and build better. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce75% of contractors believe that advanced technologies can improve the management of project schedules. We pride ourselves in providing builders the tools necessary to keep projects on time, under budget, and virtually stress-free. Contact TrueScan for a tailored quote today.

Brandon French
301 Grant Street,
Suite 270 Pittsburgh, PA 15219

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