Historic Hotel Renovation

Memphis, TN

With experience working in both large and historic spaces, TrueScan was selected to provide 3D laser scanning and Revit modeling services on an expansive historic hotel project in downtown Memphis, Tennessee. In order to achieve the data needed, the client needed a team that could understand how to best work within the complexities of a functioning hotel in an urban setting. TrueScan’s expertise provided this insight and the survey team collected ~1,000 scans to document the 12-story structure. The team worked to thoroughly document all common areas, stairwells, mechanical spaces, and hallways. Individual rooms were documented by scanning “typical rooms” on each floor and populating the point cloud with that information. The entirety of these field scans took approximately two weeks.

Once the scanning and point cloud data was completely populated, the TrueScan team created a comprehensive Revit model of the entire building. The model allowed the design team to see all existing angles and complexities of the space as built in real-time. TrueScan’s detailed Revit information was used as a base drawing information for the design team to better inform them of areas where new construction met the existing building.

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