Orlando International Airport

Orlando, FL

The Orlando International Airport was going through the construction of a new terminal and contracted TrueScan to provide laser scanning and 3D modeling services for the “Landside” portion of the new terminal. Working for the fabricator of the glass and steel skylight over the pedestrian walkway to the terminal, TrueScan scanned the steel framing of the skylight as it was being constructed. This skylight was approximately 1,000 ft long and was scanned in three separate mobilizations during construction. TrueScan used 3D scanning to verify the exact dimensions of the steel and fastener locations in order to for the glass panels to be properly sized. Once the scanning was complete, the TrueScan team created a Revit model of the structure for the fabricator to use.

The scanning and modeling efforts allowed the skylight fabricator to not only ensure the dimensions were accurate and their panels would fit properly, but also allowed them to realize any discrepancies between the actual field conditions and the drawings ahead of time. This saved them valuable time on site by understanding real conditions and alleviating any possible change orders or work delays.

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