Historic UC Probasco Hall

Cincinnati, OH

TrueScan provided laser scanning services for the design team on the Probasco Hall project on the campus of the University of Cincinnati. The Probasco Hall project envisions the renovation of a historic neoclassical church built in the early 1900s near the University of Cincinnati campus.  Because of the unique spaces and intricate architectural detailing of the structure, laser scanning was the clear choice for accurately documenting this project.

Once awarded the project, the TrueScan team scanned the entire building in approximately two days. The project totaled around 200 scan set-ups for the interior and exterior of the project. An unmanned aerial vehicle was also used to collect points on the roof, where good scan data could not be easily acquired. Points collected from the UAV were placed in the same coordinate system as the scan data and combined into a single point cloud that was delivered to the design team.

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