Wendy's Quick-Serve Restaurant

Multiple Locations Throughout United States

Traditionally, this client had always done their surveying and measuring by hand. After speaking with the TrueScan team and learning about their capabilities, the client decided to give 3D laser scanning a chance. Despite common misconceptions, TrueScan was able to scan these locations in exponentially less time than traditional measuring methods while also keeping the cost at the level the client had expected for simple hand measurements. On top of being the same price, the TrueScan teamed delivered measurements that were far more accurate and efficiently discernable than hand measurements. The client also received a detailed point cloud that they were able to review back to with confidence whenever was needed.

The clients realized the true value of 3D laser scanning and saw how it eliminates error, alleviates mishaps, and prevents budget constraints and schedule delays. TrueScan helped the client stay on time and on budget with accuracy.

Services provided by TrueScan:
3D Laser Scanning
Save time and money with
accurate measurements.
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