West Point Academy

West Point, NY

TrueScan was selected to perform laser scanning and 3D modeling services for two iconic academic buildings on the West Point campus in New York. As part of the study for the renovations to Lincoln and Cullum Halls, TrueScan used 3D laser scanning to document the buildings and created a detailed Revit model for the design team to use with the overall project design. Two TrueScan field crews spent four days on-site documenting the buildings. In all, approximately 500 interior and exterior scans were gathered and registered together. Once the field data was collected, Revit models were created for both buildings and submitted as part of the overall design study package.

Laser scanning on this project presented some unique challenges. Working around the schedules of the Military Academy’s academic and athletic events was critical to the success of the project. TrueScan crews worked during off-hours and coordinated with the personnel from the Academy to ensure minimal disruption to the daily activities and events on campus. In the end, the TrueScan team delivered a quality product to the client in a very time-efficient manner.

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