Case Western Reserve Boiler Plant

Cleveland, OH

Sometimes, building projects that need to happen are much easier said than done. This is what Case Western Reserve encountered when working on installing a new and updated boiler system. To assist with this, TrueScan was hired to provide valuable insight and expertise. By providing comprehensive 3D models and accurate measurements, TrueScan helped Case Western in Cleveland, Ohio squeeze their new boiler system into a tight space.

Working with major mechanical systems within a limited amount of space can present future planning issues. Case Western’s plan for a new boiler system was the perfect example of this. The new system required a tight fit amongst the existing multi-boiler system with pipes and ductwork running through the building. Making sure the new boiler system fit within the current system was of the highest priority and therefore the Case Western team needed the most accurate and in-depth measurement and views they could find.

TrueScan scanned the building in just two days and created a comprehensive Revit model of the existing conditions. Every column, beam, pipe, valve, boiler, along with any other building or system component was modeled in a reverse BIM process. This provided the necessary starting point for designing and prepping the building for moving the new boiler system into place.

When extreme detail and precise information are necessary, TrueScan is able to help. With TrueScan’s assistance, the Case Western team was able to accurately install and connect the new boiler system with ease.

Services provided by TrueScan:
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