Engine Room Scan

Fort Wayne, IN

TrueScan was hired to provide 3D laser scanning services of the exterior of a large hospital and parking garage in Fort Wayne, Indiana to assist with a planned expansion of the spaces. The dataset provided by TrueScan’s team allowed the architects and planners to easily understand the spatial relationship between the levels as well as locate and pinpoint important structural features such as columns and expansion joints. Without TrueScan’s help and expertise, the planners would have needed to rely on existing drawings that would not have covered every detail and angle of the space.

Once the space was scanned, TrueScan provided the planning team with a detailed point cloud placed on the existing survey control, allowing this data to be imported into any current Revit model or AutoCAD drawing in the precise residing location. TrueScan’s information allowed the design team to see every inch and angle of the space exactly as it stood in real-time.

Services provided by TrueScan:
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