Historic Downtown Building


A change in use for a building or structure can often reveal many inaccuracies or misalignments that weren’t previously known. 3D laser scanning provides the ability to catch these potential issues before you even begin working. A historic, 19-story, urban building in the Midwest was going through a change in use and the design team was in need of complete and accurate documentation before they began designing. TrueScan was selected to provide their 3D scanning expertise for the project. TrueScan deployed two scanning crews at the building for ~two weeks scanning and collecting data. As part of the scope, the crew scanned the exterior, multiple interior floors, and the basement, which contained many of the building’s complex mechanical systems. Once finished, TrueScan had collected ~1,000 scans overall.

With the building being inhabited with active workspaces, it was critical for the owner to contract a crew that knew and understood how to work in an incredibly efficient, non-invasive, and conscientious way. TrueScan was selected for this exact reason was able to provide the owner and design team with fast and accurate data without disturbing the day-to-day operations of the building and its tenants.

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