Lake City VA Hospital

Lake City, FL

TrueScan was selected as part of a team to document the VA Hospital Campus in Lake City, Florida. The TrueScan team worked directly with the architect to provide 3D laser scanning services on the project.

The project scope included using laser scanning to document primary building spaces such as common areas, corridors, stairwells, interstitial spaces, and exterior building facades. The goal was for the TrueScan team to provide the architect with an accurate building envelope by scanning the exterior facades and an internal “skeleton” of the building for the architect to work from. Scanning the stairs, common areas, corridors, and interstitial spaces allowed the architect to get an accurate idea of the building layout while keeping the scanning crews from having to go into areas like patient rooms or operating areas. The “skeleton” approach gave the architect enough information to allow for hand measurement of some of the more repetitive or sensitive areas of the hospital to minimize the disruption of hospital activities. In all, the TrueScan team collected over 600 scans in about a week.

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